Diving into this topic I had to be honest with myself; It’s not something I have been giving a lot of thoughts during my early years working as a visual designer. That made me feel bad, because how can I be a designer, someone that is supposed to help people, and help building a better future, if I haven’t asked myself these (even essential) questions:

  • Why am I a designer?
  • What is ethics, and what does it mean to me?
  • What are my values and my North Star?
  • What is my responsibility and accountability as a designer?

Why am I a designer? 💓

Entering the graphic…

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Introduction 👻

The goal of this second module was to learn the fundamentals of design, and deepen our understanding of Design Thinking, and Design Thinking tools, how to create user flows, interaction design, and the difference between UI and UX, and design leadership and facilitation.
By the end of the module we were given the challenge to use our learnings within design principles to design a remote, problem solving workshop.

We were lucky to have Ross Chapman (web and UX designer from Southampton, UK) as our industry leader for the module, and to have guest speakers such as: Agnieszka Szóstek, Experience &…

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Introduction ✏️

As part of the Hyper Island UX Upskill journey, we were studying Fieldwork and User Research in the first module. I was handed the challenge with the title “Confidence when shopping”. In this article I will give you insights in what, why and how we did it, the process and my learnings so far.

The goal of the project was to gain an understanding of work processes and quality standards within UX Design and parts of UX research, such as user testing, data gathering and analytics and to perform quantitative and qualitative field studies. …

Camilla Westh Hecter

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